Bookmee: Allow your customers to make an apointment in just 3 clicks


After several months of research and development, The Computer Firmlaunched Bookmee, a program that allows you to automate your ap-pointment booking process. Installed on your website, it automatically synchronizes with your professional calendar and allows your cus-tomers to make an appointment with you in 3 clicks.

The Challenges

The idea arose after we noticed that our customers face the following 3 challenges:

  • Loss of time when they make an appointment by phone.
  • The number of appointments missed by clients and patients and the financial cost involved.
  • Clients’ and patients’ growing need for immediacy, and the need for flexibility and immediacy in making contact.
bookmee automatiser prise de rendez-vous

The Process

That’s why we created Bookmee, which allows you to automate your appointment scheduling.

You install the button on your site, synchronize Bookmee with your calendar, enter the time slots during which you are available, and that’s it! The process is done in 3 clicks:

  • Your client reserves an appointment date and time directly from your website.
  • The appointment instantly appears in your calendar.
  • Your customer receives a confirmation email and then a reminder 24 hours before the appointment

In just 3 months, 400 appointments have already been booked directly on our website! The automation of appointment scheduling by Bookmee allows us to save valuable time on administrative tasks. Sarah MonneyMonney Conseils Sàrl

How do I Install Bookmee?

Nothing’s easier. Contact us and we will install the button on your site within a week. The program automatically synchronizes with your personal and / or professional calendar.