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Since the creation of TCF, our ambition is to provide a fulfilling work environment, intended to encourage our team members to pursue their personal projects and develop their interests.

The well-being of our team is our first priority. We believe that it is the key factor to the longevity of our company, the quality of our deliveries and our daily enthusiasm.

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Our Process

Every software development project is crafted through close collaboration with our clients, aligning our methodologies with their specific needs to create tailored and strategically effective software solutions.


Requirements Analysis

Before anything else, we conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and expectations. This critical step allows us to understand the precise objectives of the project and how the software should interact with its end users.


Design and Conceptualization

With this understanding in place, we move to the design phase, where innovative software solutions are conceptualized. We apply UI/UX design principles to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience, while aiming to communicate a clear and effective message.


Development and Iterations

The core of our process is the software development phase, where our ideas and concepts are brought to life. We adopt an iterative approach, allowing for flexible adjustments based on feedback, changes in objectives, or market evolutions. This methodology is designed to build a long-term partnership with our clients, ensuring that the software evolves in alignment with their needs and those of their audience.

Recruitement – We are actively looking for:

UX / UI Intern

Lausanne / Remote

Collaborate with our Web team to create client-oriented wireframes, content architectures and mockups.