Fluensetter, Instagram influencer campaign management platform (FR)

The Brief.

TCF has designed and developed Fluendsetter, a webapp that allows advertisers to manage their partnerships with the influencers with whom they collaborate.

Our goal is to simplify the management of marketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for advertisers. Indeed, they frequently manage simultaneous contracts with several influencers at the same time, which relate to campaigns spread out over time. In addition, third parties (agents, photographers, lawyers) are generally involved in the collaboration.

To respond to the growing complexity of such projects, we have created the Fluendsetter tool, a comprehensive digital campaign management tool for advertiser marketing teams. This gathers all the information needed to set up, monitor and measure the results of digital campaigns.


Fluensetter has three levels of use:

  1. Discovery function, which allows the brand to search for the most relevant influencers for a given campaign, according to several criteria: audience, engagement, keywords, etc.
  2. CRM function, which makes it possible to manage the logistics aspect of the partnership: advanced negotiations, contract management, or invoicing.
  3. Reporting platform, which enables campaign performance management. The tool offers the visualization of past and future posts, and aggregation of statistics of posts made, to measure the campaign’s success.


Node.js / Express

API (virtual bridge) which is the link between the database and the platform

MongoDB – Mongo Atlas

Cloud platform allowing you to save your data in a secure and efficient way, operating with a reliable noSQL database system.


Allows you to create secure, complex and fast web applications.


Segmentation of versions between the different stages of development:

  • Dev server
  • Staging server
  • Production server


User simulation for the test phase

The details that make the difference.

A Discovery function that allows you to find the most suitable influencers for a campaign

Our API makes it possible to build a bridge between Instagram and the platform. Thus, marketing teams can search for influencers directly in Fluendsetter, according to specific criteria such as:


  • Keywords (food, fashion, etc.)
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement generated by posts

A complete CRM tool to manage campaign logistics

The CRM that we have developed allows campaign managers to have a global view of all the steps necessary to set up partnerships. From the selection of influencers, to the management of contracts and invoices, but also the status of the various third parties involved in the campaign: photographers, agents, or even lawyers.

The visualization of the results on the reporting platform, to measure the campaign’s success

We have provided the tool with a reporting function, which allows advertisers to access the various campaigns’ aggregated results. Our API collects all the statistics relating to commitments on posts, shares, and video views, on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook directly on the platform.

In conclusion.

After several months of tests and iterations, the platform is fully functional and used by brands and agencies for the management of their digital campaigns.

Fluendsetter is a unique tool designed to meet the growing need to simplify the management of digital campaigns. It allows for better monitoring of the different stages of the implementation process, as well as a more precise measurement of the result in order to measure the success of the various partnerships.