Development of HR software for the pharmaceutical company Roche (CH)


Roche wants to create a web application allowing questionnaires to be submitted to all its employees, in order to measure their well-being at work. These questionnaires are called Journeys. TCF was approached for the implementation of the web application architecture designed by a motion design company. The platform architecture must support the use of tens of thousands of users. All the data collected must be downloadable and usable by Roche’s HR management in a simple and secure manner.


Node.js / Express

API (virtual bridge) which is the link between the database and the platform

MongoDB – Mongo Atlas

Secure online database that allows data to be hosted without risk of a breach


Notification sending system to manage emails and automatic notifications sent to users


Segmentation of versions between the different stages of development:
  • Dev server
  • Staging server
  • Production server


User simulation for the test phase

The details that make the difference.

Sending automatic emails to employees who have not responded to the weekly questionnaire

Architecture designed to support traffic and data generated by tens of thousands of users

Data downloadable and exploitable in a simple and secure way for management


The platform created allows Roche AG management to better understand the issues facing their teams on a daily basis. Employees, on the other hand, feel listened to and assured of the importance their employer places on their well-being.

The platform can support up to 100,000 users, or all of Roche AG’s employees.

Thanks to the many automated elements, it has little influence on the teams’ workload, while allowing us to gather valuable information for our company’s efficiency.